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A.A.N.M & V.V.R.S.R. Polytechnic was established in Gudlavalleru, Krishna Dist, AP, South India vide G.O M.S.No: 620, dt: 28-08-1981 of LEN &TE(TE1) Department of govt of AP. The polytechnic was virtually inaugurated on 13th November, 1981 by the political veteran and then the chairman of Zilla Parishad, Krishna District Sri. Pinnamaneni Koteswara Rao. The polytechnic was recognized by AICTE vide Memo No’s : LR No.F.24-63/B III/RC(MB)/89/15916,dt:31-01-1994.The polytechnic was initially sanctioned 180 intake in 3 branches LCE,LME and LECE in 1981.







The polytechnic was sponsored by Sri Adusumilli Aswardha Narayana Murthy and Vallurupalli Venkata Rama Seshadri Rao – shortly known as A.A.N.M & V.V.R.S.R. educational society which was officially registered under registration act of companies vide




Regd No: 94 dt: 31-03-1981 of the District Registrar ,Krishna Dist, Andhra Pradesh





he society had 7 founder members in the start as shown below



1. Sri.Adusumilli Aswardha Narayana Murthy President
2. Sri. Vallurupalli Venkata Rama Seshadri Rao Secretary
3. Sri. Uppalapati Sree Venkateswara Kutumba Rao Member
4. Sri.Vallabhaneni Krishna Kutumba Rao Member
5. Sri. Kaza Srinivasa Rao Member
6. Sri. Kodali Venkata Krishna Rao Member
7. Sri. Kaza Nageswara Rao Member



Later, new members joined the society in expansion or in the place of some members passed away out various times. Now the society has 14 members as shown below.



1. Sri. Vallabhaneni Subba Rao President
2. Sri. Kodali Venkata Krishna Rao Vice-President
3. Dr.Nageswara Rao Vallurupalli Executive Chairman
4. Sri. Satyanarayana Rao Vallurupalli Secretary & Correspondent
5. Sri.Musunuri Srinivasa Rao Co-Executive Chairman
6. Sri. Vallurupalli Ramakrishna Co-Secretary & Correspondent
7. Sri. Kaza Nageswara Rao Member
8. Sri Kosaraju Bapaiah Chowdary Member
9. Sri. Ede Venakata Rama Rao Member
10. Sri. Vallurupalli Nageswara Rao Member
11. Sri. Musunuri Kasi Visveswara Rao Member
12. Sri. Chaparala Sri Rama Chandra Rao Member
13. Smt. Nimmagadda Jyothsna Devi Member
14. Dr.Polavarapu Benarji Member






The polytechnic had its birth and growth due to the strong spirit of service for education manifested effectively by the efforts of the two chief donors Sri Adusumilli Aswardha Narayana Murthy and Sri Vallurupalli Venkata Rama Seshadri Rao. Naturally these two persons are considered as the founders of the polytechnic. Let us know about them in more detail individually.



Sri Adusumilli Aswaradha Narayana Murthy



He had been the prominent land lord and political figure in gudlavalleru for more than six decades. He was born on 26/11/1906. In addition Sri AANM had been an inevitable part of all village development ventures. He had been the unchallenged president of the land mortgage bank for 3 decoders. He was the sarpanch of the village especially at the moment gudlavalleru got the National best Panchayath award in 1972. He was the founder secretary of SERM educational society which established a Telugu Medium high school, junior college and a degree college at different periods. He paired with Sri Vallurupalli Venkata Rama Seshadri Rao and established the polytechnic in 1981 with an aim to bring technical education to rural India. Later he founded a trust in his own name in 1986 Sri Adusumilli Aswardha Narayana Murthy private trust to serve the cause of service to the poor, the destitutes, the orphans, the old, the diseased and the needy. Sri AANM breathed his last on 11/02/1988.



Sri Vallurupalli Venkata Rama Seshadri Rao



Sri Vallurupalli Venkata Rama Seshadri Rao was the founder secretary of the society and the polytechnic till his demise on 13/8/2008. It had been a 27 year yeoman service Sri VVRSR had received to the polytechnic since its inception with meticulous planning, effective execution, stimulating synchronization, economic wisdom and an uncompromising zeal for the promotion of technical education in a rural corner such as gudlavalleru. The polytechnic owes a lot to the magnificent work of Sri VVRSR for its state wide name and fame to be in the front ranks of the Diploma Engineering education. He was born on 30/12/1932 and had grown a man of practicality in efficiently treading the paths of rice-milling venture and later technical education furtherance with tremendous success for more than five decades, Sri VVRSR had been a prominent contributor to the educational and social prosperity of gudlavalleru. In order to quench his thirst for educational service, he established an English medium school (AANM & VVRSR High school) in 1988 and founded Gudlavalleru Engineering College in 1998. Within ten years of establishment, GEC has become to stand out in the leading engineering colleges of the state due to the distinctive dedication and devotion of Sri VVRSR. He is affectionately known as the father of Gudlavalleru Engineering College.



Sri Chundru Venkataramanna



The first principal of the polytechnic was Sri Chundru Venkataramanna from Tanuku. Since his assumption of the charge, Sri CHVR could provide a right direction, an attitude and an effective academic programme so that the polytechnic ever in successful pursuit of achieving academic brilliance with state ranks, paper presentations and so on. With an ever cherishing service of 25 years, Sri CHVR was retired on 1st April, 2007 as the stunning star of silver jubilee polytechnic.

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